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Hydrating Oxygen Facial TreatmentR950.00 R650.00

What is an Oxygen facial?

Fast delivery of hydrating and skin cell renewal ingredients to the deeper layers of your skin, while cooling and calming the skin.
• Instantly hydrates dehydrated skin, resulting in increased firmness and smoother texture.

• Infuse and locks in natural nutrients for maximum moisturising effect and longer lasting results.


The Hydrating treatment harnesses three organic elements to achieve instant hydration and flawless results:

A. Oxygen under hyperbaric pressure aids delivery of natural hydrating and cell regenerating ingredients to the skin at the same time as soothing and calming the skin.

B. The Organic Hydrating serums contain mid-weight Hyaluronic Acid and a powerful cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, to instantly hydrate the skin resulting in reduced appearance of fine lines and overall natural radiance.

C. Our Hydrating Gel provides an essential layer to lock in the infused hydrating serums and allow for maximum hydrating effect and longer lasting results.

Hydra Oxygen Facial Treatment sessions

Pigmentation/Scar Laser treatments are done in medical offices and spas by dermatologists or people who specialize in skin care. You will see immediate results after the procedure, but to get the best effect, you will need as many as 3-5 treatments.

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Organic Hydrating Oxygen treatment is a non invasive treatment which reduces the appearance of fine lines, and enhances overall hydration and condition of the skin.

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