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Rejuvenating Laser Facials

It is very important to take care of your skin to prevent premature ageing. We offer a wide variety of skincare products and services to enhance your skincare regime with the latest laser technology.

Laser Facial Treatments

  • Pampering Facials
  • Deep Cleanse Facial R350
  • Age prevention Facial R450
  • Acne Facial R450
  • Hydra Facial R450
  • Microdermabrasion Facial - Derca products R950
  • 24K Gold Facial Mask R450
  • Model Baby doll Hydration Mask Facial R450
  • Model Ageing Mask facial R550
  • Basic relaxing Facial R350
  • Hyper pigmentation Facials
  • AHA Peel 20% R650
  • AHA Peel 30% R700
  • Pigmentation Laser Peel R650
  • Skin Firming Laser R750
  • Hydra Plus Facial Peel R850
  • RF Facial Firming Laser R850
  • Pore reduction Laser Facial Peel R750
  • Eye Bag removal Laser R450
  • Eye wrinkle removal Laser R450
  • Rejuvenating Laser Facial Peel R1200
  • Acne Treatment Facials
  • BHA Peel Plus 15% R650
  • BHA Peel Plus 20% R750
  • Carbon laser Peel R750
  • Carbon laser Peel & BHA Peel 15% R950
  • Carbon laser Peel & BHA Peel 20% R1050
  • Acne Laser R1200
  • Freckle Laser Peel R850
  • Acne Inflammation Laser R650
  • Eczema/rosacea Laser Facial R1200
  • Laser facials
  • Carbon Laser Peel R750
  • Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Facial R450
  • Oxygen Facial R450
  • Acne Laser Facial R450
  • Pigmentation Laser Facial R650
  • Skin Tightening Facial R550
  • Spa Facials
  • Luxury 24 Gold Carat Facial R550
  • Hydrating Model Mask facial R350
  • Pores reduction Model facial R450
  • Anti Ageing Model Facial R350
  • Basic Lula Facial R300
  • Deep Cleanse Lula facial R380
  • Facial add on Treatments
  • 24 Gold Facial Mask R350
  • Galvanic Hydrating Gel R150
  • Galvanic Firming Gel R150
  • High Frequency Laser Acne Spot Treatment R80
  • Pigmentation Spot treatment R90
  • Ozone (reduce inflammation) R120
  • Hydra Facial extractions R80

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