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Spotless Body Laser

We offer IPL Hair removal Laser treatments with an advanced technology machine that won’t cause any bruising or downtime. It is safe and convenient for the client as you will notice immediate results after your first session.

IPL Laser Hair removal

  • Vein removal Laser
  • 1 session(10min) R550
  • 1 session(20min) R950
  • Follow Up session (10min) R450
  • Follow up session(20min) R850
  • Small area (per 10cm) R250
  • Aftercare treatment R650
  • IPL Hair removal (Bikini) Women
  • Mini Bikin Sides R450
  • Brazilian (Lading strip) R550
  • Brazilian extended R650
  • Hollywood all off R750
  • Hollywood extended R850
  • Buttocks R650
  • IPL Hair removal (Legs) Women
  • Lower Legs(excl knee) R450
  • Lower leg (incl knee) R650
  • Upper leg (excl knee) R550
  • Upper leg (incl knee) R750
  • 3/4 leg R1100
  • Full Leg (excl bikini) R1800
  • IPL Hair removal (Body) Women
  • Under arms R450
  • Half Arm (excl Elbows) R600
  • Full Arm(excl underarm) R1200
  • Fingers/toes R260
  • Hands & feet R300
  • Upper/ Lower Back R1200
  • Shoulders R600
  • Full Back (incl shoulders) R1900
  • Areola R260
  • Areola extended R300
  • Cleavage Line R250
  • Chest/Stomach R850
  • Chest & Stomach R1100
  • Tummy Line R350
  • IPL Hair removal (Face) Women
  • Upper Lip R300
  • Chin (excl neck) R325
  • Lip & Chin R545
  • Nose R280
  • Monobrow R245
  • Side burns R245
  • Cheeks/ears R300
  • Forehead R320
  • Neck(front) R350
  • Full Face & neck R1200
  • Hot/Cold Wax
  • Eyebrows R90
  • Lip R70
  • Legs (female) R240
  • Legs(male) R360
  • Bikini (Sides) R380
  • Back/Chest (female) R420
  • Back/Chest (male) R520
  • Arms (excl underarms) R160
  • Underarms R110
  • Basic eyebrow shape & Tint R220

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